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Missing Pets

Happy Landings has been involved with many missing pet cases.


As a result of being asked for help by owners of missing pets we have acquired equipment such as traps, thermal imaging camera, nets, and various other pieces of kit.

In the years helping to secure pets who are on the loose we have gained a lot of experience and a reputation for doing so. Through social media we are receiving more pleas for help than ever.

We are always happy to give advice and help when possible. This can be anything from a chat with owners, to setting up a facebook group, group searches and trapping.

We work alongside other fabulous organisations such as doglost and harveys army


Molly’s story -


Melanie Brewster owner of Mylo, missing 22/11/2017 – 25/11/2017
We cannot thank Jo enough for her tireless work to bring our dog home when he went missing for almost 3 days. We were losing hope and terrified he’d never be found but she kept us calm and her experience and knowledge in tracking lost animals bought us the news we were so desperately waiting for. Without her, we wouldn’t have known where to start and we will be forever grateful to her for bringing our boy home.

Gemma Brixey owner of Tipsy missing 26/12/2016 – 04/01/2017
Without Jo I wouldn’t have stood a chance of finding my Labrador, Tipsy who was ran away after being involved in a car Accident. Jo volunteered her time, skills and experience to work tirelessly day and night untill my best was found. Jo and happy landings gave both my family and myself so much support while going through a terrible time and for that I will always be truth grateful and class her as loyal friend. As a dog owner herself she puts the welfare of any lost dog first and will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure not only dogs but any lost animal is safe.