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Bark Appeal

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BARK (Boarding And Rescue Kennels) APPEAL

Happy Landings Animal Shelter is pleased to unveil plans for our Regeneration Project.

We have planning permission to (over time) knock down all existing animal accommodation and build new ones.

This will take place over three phases, the first being new kennels. Our present kennels are over 30 years old and in desperate need of an improvement. We pride ourselves on the care we give to both rescue & boarding dogs and all the staff are excited about the new facilities matching that standard of care.


The brand new building will be located on the present exercise paddock, which will enable us to carry on with our existing kennels until the new one is ready.

We will have the same amount of kennels as we have no wish to get any bigger just better. We are looking for quality not quantity. Each kennel will have a large indoor space with under floor heating and a covered outdoor run so dogs will have the choice of being inside or outside. There will be bigger enclosed exercise areas either end of the new building.


Our aim is to be as Sustainable and Eco friendly as we possibly can and the whole build is designed with that in mind using specially designed materials, Bio Mass Fuel system and solar panels.

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