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We may be a small charity but we make a massive difference. We rehome over 300 animals a year.

We are now appealing for your help, this weather is affecting us REALLY badly. Kennels is flooded, cat pens are flooded, pig stable flooded, goat shed flooded and lacking a roof, just to mention a few places on site. We have totally run out of newspapers and towels and any you can donate would be appreciated.


But our main appeal is to ask for donations. We are desperate. You can see from the pictures that there is alot of work to be done on site. Dogs have had to be evacuated from some of the rescue kennels and cats and rabbits out of pens. The goats are hiding in part of their shed and lydias stable is slowly getting wetter.

Please if you can spare anything even just £1 everything helps. This can be done using the virgin money giving button on our website or clicking this link or sending a cheque.

And if any trades people or diyers are reading this and can offer help to come and stop the flooding and fix things then please get in touch 01749 860350 or