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"Aggressive" dog dumped

Yesterday we were called out to an “aggressive” dog who had been dumped in a park. Its lead and harness had been thrown in on the floor and dog had spent the night curled up on it. We went all the way out to Wiltshire because the lovely lady who was there had phoned round everyone and nobody would help. The dog was growling and barking. These are the types of situations you regularly see in the media where for human safety the dog gets put down. We wanted to get there and make sure this did not happen for her. She was just scared. A baby. The lady with her had slowly been making friends with her and was able to slip lead over the gate. We later found out she had been caught up in a human fight the night before and then dumped in the park where she stayed all night. She was terrified. Once in my car she was very cuddly and learnt i was a friend quite fast. She has gone to do her 7 days at the stray dog kennels and they have done some fab bonding work with her to make her feel happier and she is now playing and loving the staff. If a human was in a field crying and shouting everyone would ask whats wrong and offer help. So why do so many dogs get labelled without trying to understand their upset. Why do we as humans seem to spend all our time stopping dogs from showing their emotions and thinking bad of them for doing so. If i was in an extreme situation where i felt terrified i may act violent but that does not mean I would always act that way, maybe never again in my life. We must remember to be understanding and to help our dogs with the cause of their emotions instead of trying to just stop the resulting behaviour.