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Appeal For Vic

Happy landings cares for every animal that comes through for life. Whether they are at the rescue, in foster or even after being adopted. So when a dog who had recently been adopted suffered a terrible accident whilst out playing we of course stepped in to help. Vic had not long been with his new owners and was out walking happily when he suddenly collapsed in pain. His owners rushed him to the vets where it was feared he may not make it. As a new pet Vic was not yet insured and his owners were devastated about the prospect of not being able to afford what he needed. However as soon as they phoned us we made sure he was referred to a specialist and got the best care possible and his future is looking very promising. He has been diagnosed with a spinal problem which could have happened at any time. So he is currently staying at Happy Landings as he needs to be confined and be taken out regularly on a sling. However every day his legs are getting stronger and less floppy and with the right help we hope he will make a great recovery. We are appealing to our supporters to donate anything towards his recovery. No matter how small, it all counts. All our animals get nothing but the best but we can only keep going with the support from people donating to us. Thank you