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Alfie is a fabulous 15 month old boy. He has come to us with his brother Ollie for re-homing when his owners had to move and were sadly unable to take the cats with them. Although they rub along ok together, they are like chalk and cheese and we really do not think that they will mind going to separate homes – although they would also be fine to stay together if you fancied both of the boys!

Alfie is full of it! Very affectionate and friendly, he loves attention and cuddles time, but also really loves play time and exploring outdoors, hunting and keeping himself busy. He is clever and confident, very much the top cat between him and Ollie. He needs a home with access to good, outdoor space, where he can flex his muscles and do plenty of cat stuff, before coming back home for sofa time and kitten-play. Because of his strong character Alfie would probably be better as the only cat in the home unless he goes with Ollie. He has got the confidence to learn how to live with cat-friendly dogs. Alfie has not been used to small children and we feel that he would be happiest in a home with children of 10 years +

Enquire about homing Alfie.