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Alfreda – “Alfie” – has very sadly come to us for re-homing because her elderly owner had to go into a home and, much as Alfie would have loved to have gone too, she wasn`t allowed. Having to stay “home alone” for a while afterwards with family members feeding her until a rescue space became available, she slowly began to get depressed and to shut down. Luckily we managed to find space for her just before she gave up hope.

Alfie is an absolute sweetie. She loves people, loves company, loves a fuss, loves a lap – will return all your love and attention ten fold, gently washing you in return for chin tickles! At around 11 years old she enjoys the quiet life and would love a settled home where she can have plenty of love and attention – it is after all what she has been used to and suited her just fine! Alfie is scared of dogs and we feel that she would be happiest as the only cat in the home. She has not been used to small children, but feel that she would be happy with children of 8 years plus who can be sensible with her and give her extra cuddles.

Alfie is such a little darling, she is well worth meeting – you cannot help but fall in love!

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