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Andie is guessed to be around 5 years old and is tiddly. She came to us very sadly when her elderly owner became too poorly to look after her. She had clearly been very much a loved and treasured girl.

Andie love people, loves attention, loves fusses. She will chat a little, especially if she is hoping for an extra cuddle! Despite being very people orientated, Andie also loves to be able to go outdoors for a little explore. She does not go far, and is always back in time for lunch (or supper, depending on when she goes out. Andie is good with other laid back cats, but may prefer to be the only cat in the home as this is what she has been used to. We do not know what she is like with children, but as she can be a little shy to start and has been used to a quiet home we suspect that she would prefer a quiet adult only home.

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