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Arlo (reserved)

Arlo was found as a very thin stray, out in the cold weather and failing to look after himself. We think that he is only quite young still – maybe around 8 months. He is a sweet boy and, now that he is starting to find his feet with us, is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Arlo is an affectionate boy, gentle and undemanding but very appreciative of every bit of attention he gets. He is remembering how to play and slowly relaxing into his new life with us. He is good with other cats, gentle and respectful, and we think that he will have the confidence to learn to play and to “buddy-up” with known cat friends given a little more time and practice.

Arlo can still startle at sudden sound and movement, so we feel that he would be happiest in a quiet home where he can settle and relax. He would be quite happy to share with another cat…the jury is still out on dogs and children! As with all our youngsters, an interesting but safe outdoors is a must for further down the line when he has he confidence to explore outdoors.

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