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Athene came to us heavily pregnant and with her previous litter of kittens, now around 5 months old, also in tow. Only a youngster herself, she has the sad and knowing eyes of a far older cat.

Athene is currently working hard at being a great mum to her little brood of 4. Unlike the shy juveniles that arrived with her, these kittens are well handled and socialised and are going to make very confident little monsters! Once the kittens are weaned we will be looking to get Athene spayed and off to her new life.

We would love to find Athene a safe and loving home where her needs can be prioritised for the first time in her life. She is used to socialising with other cats and could live with another gentle cat – or with Tyto who is being a great aunty to the little ones. We do not think that she would have the confidence for young children or for dogs.

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