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Bailey & Raa Raa

Scrummy duo, Bailey and Raa Raa are the sweetest little pair. They have sadly come into us for re-homing due to a house move that could not include the cats. Although they have not lived together forever (tabby and white Bailey is older than young Raa Raa) they are very much a little pair and spend most of their time together.

Both cats are gentle and sweet natured. They are undemanding but really appreciate company and attention, each with a wonderful purr and kneading routine that they will often synchronise! They are sensitive to change, love fusses and quality time spent with them, love a warm spot to share. They are good with other cats, and can adjust to life with a gentle, cat-friendly dog. They enjoy access to a safe outdoor space that they can explore.

Bailey and Raa Raa are the sort of little people who quickly worm their way into your heart and leave you wanting to wrap a big protective blanket around them for life!

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