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Brownie (RESERVED)

Brownie is sister to Waffle and Flapjack, but very different in personality to the boys. She would love to go to the same home as them, but we appreciate that getting all three kittens into the same home is a big ask! She was very lucky and, aside from the huge flea infestation, never presented with any health issues at all.

A sweet natured little thing, Brownie is very dainty and cautious by nature, always holding back to see what the boys are going to do before she will come and explore herself. She is easily overwhelmed by new people and new situations, but loves to play and is now happy to have fusses from people she knows. Brownie would love a quiet home with a settled routine and someone at home most of the time so that she can build a bond with them. We do not feel that she would have the confidence to cope with dogs or children, but do feel that she would benefit from the company of another gentle cat who can act as a role model for her and show her the ropes. She just wants gentle love and a quiet life.

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