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Bubble and Squeak (RESERVED)

Poor little Bubble and Squeak, they are such a sweet little pair, but very worried by new people. They have not always seen the best of humans and know the hard way that it is often best to keep your head down and to stay very still and quiet. Once they realise that they are in a safe place, and that people will only be kind to them they settle well and are massively affectionate.

Bubble and Squeak need a quiet home with the possibility of a little potter around a safe garden should they choose. They ask for little in life – a warm, safe area and the occasional fuss, they are happy. Bubble and Squeak are sisters so have always been together and we think that they do need each other for moral support. They are around 12 years old and would prefer to be the only pets in a quiet home.

Enquire about homing Bubble and Squeak (RESERVED).