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Buddy & Elf (RESERVED)

Buddy & Elf are just a year old. An accidental litter, they have led something of a sheltered life, so will want a quiet, gentle home.

Buddy and Elf had been kept confined predominantly to one room before coming to us. They had not had the opportunity to socialise with new people or with other animals – although we feel quite sure that they used to say hello to the other cats in the home through the door. Initially very scared boys, they have slowly gained in confidence and are now far more relaxed with those people they know, loving a chin rub and a head tickle. They can even forget themselves and begin to play with a toy on a stick on occasion! They are still shy with new people, but do come around given a little time and patience.

Buddy and Elf will want a quiet home with people who enjoy nurturing their cats to help them gain confidence. We feel that they would be quite happy to share with another cat-friendly cat or two. Dogs and young children will be a no for them. They will need access to outside space that is interesting but safe.

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