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Candy is a little sweetie and finds herself in rescue at the tender age of 10 years (she was struggling to share her home with another cat and it was making everybody miserable). She has never been the most confident girl, and tends to quietly disappear if there are visitors. She likes to have a safe, quiet little space that she can retreat to where she can feel safe and secure, her own little cat den. She is a massively affectionate lap cat once she knows that you are safe, a proper little purrer who will take any amount of stroking and chin tickling. She would have no idea how to be aggressive, however worried she was. Candy needs a quiet home without children and to be the only pet. She has been used to being able to potter around interlinking gardens where it is safe and quiet and may even do the odd bit of mousing whilst she is out there – don`t worry, she won`t bring you any live ones!
Candy loves her food almost as much as she loves her fusses, so she is currently on a little bit of a diet! This may need to continue to be monitored in her new home.

Enquire about homing Candy.