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Charley is an older girl, but hides it well! She is a very young 10 year old (our vet couldn`t believe it!) and ahs always been a much loved family pet.

Charley loves a lap, loves any amount of attention, chin tickles and head rubs. She has always enjoyed good outdoor space and lived in a rural location….she does not really have any road sense. As a country girl Charley learnt to hunt at a young age, and is still a very competent hunter…a game with a toy on a stick makes a good indoor alternative on rainy days!

Charley has been used to other cats, dogs and children of all ages. We suspect that, now she is a little older, she would prefer a slightly quieter life without the constant presence of small children.

Charley is a lovely girl and well worth coming to meet, she will be a great addition to your family.

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