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Charlie (RESERVED)

Poor Charlie had been out on his own for a while, and clearly been making a dismal job of attempting to be self-sufficient! Guessed to be around 18 months – 2 years old, so is really just a baby. Initially terrified and starving, Charlie took a few days to stop hiding and begin to make friends, but he is now a very confident, fit and happy boy.

Charlie is an affectionate lap cat, loves his fusses and purrs for England. He loves to climb, loves to explore, loves to play. He has a really cheeky side to him, and quite likes to be a little bit naughty on occasion (which we love to see him having the confidence to – far cry from that scared cat that arrived here)! Charlie does not like the company of other cats, he finds them too threatening, so would want to be the only cat in the home. He was found in a very rural area, so we assume that he has not been used to a town environment/traffic etc. and would be happier in a quiet, safe home in a rural environment again.

Charlie has been stuck with us for a little while now and would love to be out in a home of his own rather than sitting in a cat den. He would prefer a fairly quiet home in a rural location where he can go out and explore whenever he wants to, with a warm fire, a sofa and a lap to return to. Charlie will need to be the only cat, but may be ok with cat-friendly dogs.

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