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Cobweb is gorgeous. He is a young 6 year old boy who was very reluctantly brought to us for re-homing after a falling out with his brother who would no longer let him into the house!

Cobweb loves people, really appreciates quality time with you. He is naturally friendly, but doesn`t automatically love everyone – he knows his own mind and instantly takes to some people whilst preferring to ignore others! He has been used to living with sensible children of 8 years plus, but does not like too much noise, so rowdy youngsters would not be on his hit list. Cobweb loves cuddles, access to outside for a bit of an explore, a sunny spot to snooze in. He hates change to his home and routine. Due to his recent experiences we feel that he would be happiest as the only cat in the home. Cobweb has come from a very rural area and would not adapt well to town life.

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