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Crookshank (RESERVED)

Crookshank is a 7 year old Persian cat. He has come to us for re-homing when his family were sadly no longer able to care for him.

Crookshank has a fabulous personality. He loves attention, loves fusses, loves grooming, loves to sit on your lap. He is naturally a quiet chatter, but as yet his voice has been so quiet he is actually mostly a silent chatter (anyone know how to lip-read cat?)! He is a sweet natured boy, loves to be able to join in with you and be involved. He is quite confident with other cats, but they tend not to like him – they struggle to understand him and it caused too much confusion for all. Crookshank would love to be in a home that can invest time, energy and love into him. He has not particularly been used to living with children, but we think that he would be happy with children of 8 years plus.

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