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Daisy & Dave

Daisy and Dave are a 4 year old brother and sister pair. They have quite different personalities, so complement each other beautifully. The thing that they definitely share is a love of company and attention…you really do need at least 2 hands to keep these two happy – ideally 2 pairs of hands!

Daisy (predominantly white) tends to be a bit of a home bird. She likes to feel safe and bumble around the house with you, keeping you company, sneaking some extra fusses and chatting away (she is quite a chatty girl and enjoys a good conversation!). She will venture out but does not like to be out for too long or to go too far – when her and her brother have a “funny 5 minutes” it is generally inside charging around the house playing chase games.

Dave (predominantly black) loves company and a fuss, although is not quite as demanding as Daisy so can run the risk of being left out sometimes. He likes the opportunity to go out during the day, keeping himself occupied outside exploring the neighbourhood, but then loves to come back home to be told what a clever good boy he is, rubbing around your legs and loving all his fusses.

Both cats have been used to living with dogs and could live with a cat-friendly dog again. They do have some road sense, but would need an interesting and safe outside space rather than a real in-town type of environment. Neither are used to children and we think that they would struggle with real youngsters, so are suggesting homes with children of 10 years+. Daisy and Dave are a lovely duo and well worth coming to meet. Although they are happy with one another`s company they are not dependent on one another, so we feel would be ok to split.

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