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Doris is adorable. Guessed to be only around 12 months or so, she was found out on her own with two little kittens, desperately trying to look after them by herself. After a short stay at the vets, all three have come to us to continue gaining in condition and confidence, ready to go to new, loving homes.

Doris had clearly been owned and loved by someone originally. She is very affectionate, loves a fuss, happy to be picked up and cuddled. She is gentle and loving, just the nicest little cat you could wish for. We feel that she would be happy living with sensible children of 7 years upwards, but too much hecticness could be overwhelming for her. We have not yet been able to see what she is like with other cats etc. as she is currently still a protective mum of her two off-spring Frank and Audrey.

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