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Flapjack and Waffle (RESERVED)

Waffle and Flapjack are litter mates and around 5 months old now. They were found abandoned in a hedge with their brother (now re-homed) and sister (still with us), all crawling with fleas but very used to people so had clearly been owned by someone. Like many poorly cared for kittens, the boys developed eye infections and, despite ongoing vet treatment, Flapjack eventually lost an eye. It was a huge battle to save his remaining eye, but thanks to the very determined efforts of staff and ongoing input from our vets, we finally succeeded. We are both now fit and healthy, recently neutered and very ready to go off to our new home!

The boys are massive cuddle-kittens, huge purrers and chatty with it. They love new toys and games, a warm place to snuggle, as many cuddles as you can give them. They hate to be apart and can get quite distressed if separate for any period of time.

We are looking for a loving and safe home for our special boys. They have got the social skills to cope with other cats, and we think that they would accept a cat-friendly dog. Young children would be too much for them. An interesting but safe garden, with rural areas to explore would suit them perfectly.

Enquire about homing Flapjack and Waffle (RESERVED).