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Flash is guessed to be around 5 years old. He had clearly been straying for a while before he was brought to us – and been hit and kicked a few times along the way. He was so scared he would run as soon as he saw anyone – they called him “Flash” because all they ever got to see was the flash of his tail as he legged it through the nearest exit point! Several months of constantly feeding him and talking to him, and they were finally able to catch Flash and bring him to us.

Flash is a sweet natured boy who loves his fusses. He has grown in confidence a lot, but still tends to automatically flinch it you move too quickly towards him. He would love a quiet and caring little home where he can be given the time he needs to fully re-build his trust in humans where he can absolutely blossom. Bless him, boring old black and white and with an ugly-mug face that bears the scars of his scrapping to stay alive, poor Flash is certainly no oil painting and has little to draw people to him. He is such a poppet and so deserves to feel safe and happy, we just hope that someone will feel as we do about him. He is polite around gentle female cats – a real gentleman – but has no experience of dogs. We feel that children will be too much for him.

Enquire about homing Flash.