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Freddie (reserved)

Freddie appeared like magic out of absolutely nowhere – so we are very sure that he was dumped! We are guessing him to be around 10 months old. He is a super-friendly boy, loves everyone and everything, loves cuddles, loves to play, loves other cats! He is a lovely, really great all-rounder. He would prefer a home where he is not home on his own all day as he loves people so much that he would get lonely. He would be very happy to share his life with another cat or two – provided they don`t mind his very confident and affectionate approach. Wherever he has lived he has been well cared for – Freddie truly believes that everyone and every cat in the world wants to be his best friend!

Freddie is confident, approachable, massively lovable, cuddly and playful – all the best aspects of a cat! He would love a home with humans happy to share his sunny and loving approach to life, and lots to do outdoors once he is allowed out. He does not photograph well!

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