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Garfield (RESERVED)

Garfield is a sweet, older boy (a young 10 year old)who we suspect has not always had the best in life. He had been through at least two homes before his most recent home and can be nervous of certain things and in certain situations. His most recent owners adored him, and it was with a very heavy heart that they took the difficult decision to re-home him when a change in circumstances meant that they could no longer provide the best for him.

Garfield loves the security of a settled routine so that he knows what to expect. He adores warm sunny spots, time on your lap, chin tickles…and of course food! He is sound sensitive so busy roads bother him, but he loves to go out and about in the garden and beyond, having a little explore pretending to be a big, brave tiger (honest!) HE is terrified of the doorbell, men in leathers and loud stompy footfalls.

Garfield would be happiest in a quiet and gentle home without too many visitors or children where he can be the only pet and feel assured that he is a loved and special boy.

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