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Ginge is a delight. He is an older boy who has, very sadly come to us for re-homing as his owner had to move and the location of the new home just did not work for Ginge.

Ginge is a people person by nature, loves to meet and greet new friends and known old favourites, loves a fuss, loves a lap, a cuddle and a groom. He still has a little playful streak when the mood takes him, and may still have a go at hunting now and then! Ginge has always been a country boy and has been used to complete free range to enjoy exploring as much as he wants. He is likely to stay close to home, to his cuddles and his food, but still likes the option of having a little wander.

Ginge would love to be in a home where he can be loved and appreciated for the wonderful personality that he has. He prefers to be the only cat, is quite happy with visitors, would prefer older children who can respect him. If you love you soppy ginger cats you will not be able to resist him – come and have a cuddle!

Enquire about homing Ginge (RESREVED).