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Guinness & Tia Maria (RESERVED)

Guinness and Tia were brought to us for re-homing when their owner very sadly died and there was no one to look after them. They had been in the same quiet and loving home all their lives, so this has all been a bit of a shock for them.

A brother and sister pair, these two would really like to stay together – they are 11.5 years old now and don`t like the thought of losing each other at this stage. Both are very gentle, love a little attention and fuss. Guinness likes a lap and can be a bit of a dribbler when he properly gets into his fusses! Tia is more of a leg rubber and prefers to sit next to you rather than on. They are not used to busy roads and love the opportunity to get out for a little explore. They are not used to small children but would be ok with older, sensible children. They are not big fans of cattery and we suspect that they will flourish when back in a quiet and loving home environment.

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