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Gus is just divine! An older boy who has not had a good deal out of life, he arrived horribly thin, utterly terrified and badly infested with parasites. It has taken a little while to gain his confidence and to get him strong enough for the dental he so desperately needed. With lots of time, patience, TLC and plenty of small meals we now have a very different cat to the one that arrived.

Gus is naturally massively affectionate, loves fusses, loves to do head bumps and purrs his little head off. He will even have a little play when he is in the mood. He is still shy with new people and can be easily spooked but loves as much attention as you can give him. He is good with other cats, very gentle and respectful, not too overwhelmed. He would suit a quiet, safe home where he can continue to grow in confidence. Children will be a no for him, far too much noise and movement, but he will happily share with gentle adults and other cats.

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