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Halloumi and Pickle (RESERVED)

Halloumi and Pickle are a very special pair. Brought into us so tiny they still needed bottle feeding every 2 hours, and with such bad eye infections we really did not know if they were going to pull through. Thanks to the endless efforts and dedication of their foster mum and vet nurse ( thank you Theresa, you did an amazing job) and a very high level of input from Delaware vet group (we really would be lost without you!) we now have a lovely, confident and extremely mischievous pair of 4 – 5 month old kittens who would love to be in their forever home.

Halloumi and Pickle need a home together, rural and well away from any scary busy roads. They will need to be the only cats, but have been used to a dog so could live with a cat-friendly dog. They absolutely love company and interactive play, so a home where someone can invest time in them each day is a must. They are a smashing, truly magical pair and more than deserve the most “purr-fect” home!

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