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Hector is a handsome 6 year old boy who loves the best of both worlds. He has been part of a loving family since he was a kitten. But since a new little addition has arrived, it has become all too much for him & he prefers a place to call his own with no small children roaming around. So he’s now looking for his forever home.

Hector loves to explore & hunt outside. The great outdoors is his playground. He would be fantastic as a barn cat or in a more remote location, but really enjoys his creature comforts too. So, somewhere he can go home to when he’s tired, to snuggle up & get some affection….but, only on his terms, this is very important to him. He is a playful chap & there is nothing he likes more than a tied up crisp packet to bat around the floor or a catnip pillow to toss between his paws. Without lots of exercise, he can get a little restless.

Hector would be best suited to a home where lots of outdoor space is available for him to roam, but without small children & dogs as he finds them all too stressful. He may be ok with other cats, but he’s quite used to living in a bachelor pad as a single cat.

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