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Heidi (Available)

Heidi is a very affectionate 6 year old cat. She is highly intelligent, gentle and loving. She is also very beautiful and takes great care of her appearance.

Heidi came from a larger group of Persian cats that we rescued. She could possibly go with another of our Persians, e.g. Sweetie, as she usually likes to be top cat, but does show affection towards them.

This group of Persians were all very badly matted and underweight when they came to us. Heidi will need thorough daily grooming and her face and eyes wiping. Luckily she is extremely gentle, soft and really appreciates being pampered.

Heidi will need to be kept indoors as a housecat due to her breed and also due to her potential as a cat flu carrier. Her symptoms of cat flu are now very minimal, and she has now had a nose job to help with her breathing, but she cannot mix with other healthy cats incase she passes cat flu onto them.

Heidi would like to be in a home where her new owner has plenty of time to spend with her and give her copious amounts of cuddles! She will be high maintenance, so will need someone willing to spend a lot of time on her, to keep her in good condition.

Having experience with persians would be a definite advantage and experience with other long haired breeds would also help.

Heidi will be homed neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, flea and wormed.

Direct applications to Happy Landings only please for your interest to be considered.

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