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Honey is just the best! Barely more than a year old herself, she had been chucked out to take care of herself during the summer. We became aware of her when we received a call to say that a stray cat had given birth under a tree and none of them were doing very well! We took them in immediately and, against all odds, managed to save 5 of the 6 kittens. From the outset Honey was the most amazing mum. Massively protective of her little brood, she remained unbelievably trusting of us, and accepted any amount of helpful interference from us right from the start with never a grumpy moment to anyone – she really has got just the best temperament. In poor condition herself we were not sure how she would manage even with our support, but good food, warmth and love brought everything right for this lovely girl.

Honey`s kittens have recently all gone to new homes, but Honey has been left behind and no one seems interested in adopting her. We all adore her, think that she is utterly wonderful and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is also extremely pretty – her photo does not do her justice.

Honey would love to be in a home of her own. She is good with every human of every age that she has met here and could live with a cat friendly dog. she is divine – come and meet her!

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