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Jaffa (interest)

Jaffa is a beautiful, aristocratic gentleman who has sadly had to come to us to find a new home as his elderly owners needed to move and were unable to take Jaffa with them.

Jaffa is a much loved cat who loves company and a good conversation. He is chatty by nature and always enjoys sharing his news with you. We think he has a touch of oriental in him, which gives him his very individual personality. He has been used to a quiet, rural home where he can come and go as he pleases – although he is more of a home based boy these days. He has been used to living with a small dog who understood all the rules of how dog-cat relationships work. He can have a tendency to get bullied by other cats so, although he has lived with another cat, it would need to be a very gentle and laid back cat who is quite happy to let him do his own thing and vice versa.

Jaffa loves access to good outside space and is becoming quite bored with us as he can only have a fairly short “turn” of the garden here. He would love to meet you if you feel that you may be interested in offering him a home.

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