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Jerald (reserved)

Jerald enjoys the security of a set routine, knowing just what is going to be happening so that there are no surprises in life for him to have to deal with. He is massively affectionate, loves fusses, loves to be groomed and gives proper big bear hugs to those he feels confident with. He can be shy initially with new people. Jerald`s favourite thing at the moment is being allowed to spend all day sunbathing in the garden – quite happy for the other cats to join in or not as they wish!

Gizzie would love to be in a quiet home with owners who will adore him and make him feel safe and secure. He will reward them tenfold with loyalty and love. He is good with other laid back cats, not a fan of dogs or children. There is something very special about Jerald, he is quite a unique boy – well worth a meet.

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