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Jerry is fab – her really is a cat with Character…with a capital C! Around 18 months old he was originally a stray and had definitely had some rough treatment – hands and feet were both a real issue for him initially. Although far more confident now, he can still worry about your intention – are you a friend or a foe?

Jerry is far too clever for his own good, can out think most of us, and has a very wicked sense of humour. He rarely sees the point of cat toys, although he can sometimes be persuaded to chase after a piece of string or a toy on a stick. He would far rather be out in the fields hunting for real, thank you very much indeed! Underneath his tough exterior, Jerry is a real softie who wants to be friends and wants to be able to come home and sit on your lap. He is naturally massively affectionate, he just gets over-excited easily.

Jerry would love to be in a rural home where he can spend plenty of time out and about across the fields, then come home for all the love in the world. He will need owners who enjoy spending time with him, and who can appreciate his huge personality. We think he is wonderful.

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