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Katy is a lovely little 7 year old girl who sadly had to come to us when her owner died. She is a lovely little thing, and, once she knows you, hugely affectionate. She can be a little shy initially, but it doesn`t take her long to realise that you are a friend, then she is straight to you for fusses and a chat. Katy is not the most confident cat and would suit a quiet, adult only home. She finds other animals threatening, so would need to be the only pet in the home. So far she has always lived as a house cat, and we are not sure as yet whether she will choose to continue to stay in house at all times or may find the confidence to explore outside a little with some extra human support.

Katy is a real sweetie and well worth meeting – the photos never do justice to our black cats!

Enquire about homing Katy.