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KitKat is a fabulous 8 year old girl. She enjoys human companionship, loves a fuss, loves a chat (yes, she does talk, but very gently with chirups rather than big meows!). She enjoys a little time on your knee or sharing your armchair when she feels like it, will sometimes give your hand a little wash in return for making a fuss of her. Much as she loves people and company, KitKat also sometimes appreciates a little quiet time on her own when she can have an uninterrupted snooze, or quietly watch the world go by.

It is important for KitKat to have a safe and interesting garden – she loves to be out sunning herself or having a chase of the birds and listening to the mice(doesn`t catch them but likes to try!). She loves a good wooden fence or a handy tree to make the perfect KitKat vantage point where she can properly survey what is going on!

KitKat is a smashing cat – loves a fuss but not too demanding, likes companionship but has a lovely little independent streak, enjoys a lap but also enjoys her outdoor time. She is not a fan of being constantly pestered or does not like too much noise and bustle so would not be happy in a home with small children. She could possibly live with sensible older children who have been used to cats. She would be happiest as the only cat in the home. Do come and meet her, she us a little treasure!

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