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Kitty is about 8 years old and is the sweetest little person. Extremely gentle by nature, she has a wonderful purr, loves a fuss and a tickle, loves company, a lap, a warm spot, a safe viewing place where she can watch the world go by. She is not the most confident girl in the world, and has chosen to be mostly a housecat since she had a minor run in with a car a couple of years ago. She does go outside, but does not like to go out for long and is quickly asking to come back in again to safety.

Kitty has not always had a lucky life and, very sadly, is terrified of men, even those she knows well and knows are no threat. She will need a quiet, female only home, where she can feel safe and loved and not have to worry that something terrible is about to happen to her.

Enquire about homing Kitty (RESERVED).