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Kitty is a very laid back, sweet natured girl. She was found dumped – goodness knows why! – so we have no previous history on her. I have to say we have found her to be a delight. Loves a fuss, loves to sit with you on the sofa, loves to be groomed…not worried about the other cats, enjoys a little explore in our cat-proof garden – then back in for another little fuss. She is not at all demanding, just very appreciative of anything you do for her. We have needed to do a dental with her, which suggests that she is not a young cat, but she certainly does not act like an old cat – very agile leaping onto the sofa or heading off up the tree!

Kitty would love to be in a home with people who genuinely love her for the fabulous little personality that she is. We do not know what her experience is with children, so are saying children of 8 years +. She does not mind cat-friendly dogs and is easy going with like minded cats. Come and meet her – you cannot help but fall for her!

Enquire about homing Kitty.