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Loki is a 5 year old miniature cat! She is a petite little thing – but perfectly formed it has to be said, she is a very pretty girl. Loki loves people and attention but, typical torti, this can be on her terms! A sensitive girl, she likes to have access to a safe haven so that if she is feeling overwhelmed or worried she can retreat. She loves a cuddle, loves to climb up to a good vantage point, loves to sleep on your bed. She is clever, quick to work out the things that interest her….

Loki would be happiest in a quiet, adult only home where she can grow in confidence. She is inexperienced in exploring outdoors so would love a safe and interesting garden that she can be introduced to slowly….we suspect that it won`t take her long to be out there sunbathing and climbing up trees! Loki will need to be the only pet in the home.

Enquire about homing Loki (RESERVED).