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Lola is a 3 year old girl who has clearly suffered a sever trauma in her little life and so takes time to trust people. Initially Lola is very worried by new people, and especially rapid movement or hands too close to her. She needs space to assess the situation, time to think and to process. Very much a kitten still in a lot of ways, Lola loves to play and loves a cuddle on your lap – once she knows that you are “safe”. She is very clever and loves to explore. She has not been used to other animals.

Lola needs a quiet home with just one or two adults where she can eventually feel safe and loved again. Her adopters will need plenty of time and patience to let Lola trust in her own time. There will need to be a lot of pre-adoption contact so that Lola knows her adopters before she goes into her new home. Staff that know Lola would always be on hand to help with initial introductions and trust building exercises with her.

Lola is a wonderful girl, it is tragic that she should have suffered whatever trauma has happened. She will be well worth all the time invested in her – do arrange to come and meet her if you think you may be interested in helping this intriguing cat put her past behind her.

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