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Lucy is around 6 years old and unfortunately needs to be re-homed as changes in family circumstances mean that her people need to be away for weeks at a time, leaving Lucy a lonely girl. Because she is such a sensitive little person she will not cope in cattery so she is remaining in her current home until we can find a new home for her – she can then move straight in!

Lucy has clearly had some trauma in her past (she was originally a rescue cat) and takes a while to trust people and to settle in a new environment. Once settled she is a wonderful companion, enjoying all the attention you can give her. She is happiest when she has complete freedom, able to choose whether to be with you for fusses, or out and about. She has been used to a semi-rural location and enjoys exploring and hunting (very proficient!) She loves to sit at a high vantage point (high wall is her favourite) where she can watch the world go by in safety. Unknown people, adult or youngsters, and Lucy prefers to quietly retreat to safety and then wait until they have gone before reappearing for cuddles and relax time!

Lucy would love a quiet, adult only home where she can be the only pet. She will need owners who understand that it will take her time to settle and happy to give her time to do this – you will not get to enjoy the “real” Lucy initially, but she will be well worth the waiting time invested! She is quite independent in her own little way and will not mind owners who are out at work, provided she has company and attention when they get back. If you love your cat to be an individual, enjoy the companionship of a companionable cat, and enjoy helping a cat in need, Lucy is well worth meeting. Meeting are by prior arrangement only because of her home situation.

Enquire about homing Lucy.