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Marvin & Maeve

Marvin and Maeve were brought to us as strays – clearly either dumped or owners had moved away and left them. Our vet believes them to be around 5 years old and probably brother and sister. Initially a little shy both cats are massively affectionate with the best purrs going! They love lots of attention, plenty of fusses and chin-tickles, love to sit on your knee. Maeve (black and white) is possibly the fussiest of the two, Marvin loves his attention but also loves to play – Maeve can struggle to find her inner kitten! They can be sensitive about sudden noise or movement so we think that they would be happiest in a fairly quiet, steady home. They are very easy going with other cats, not so fond of dogs. Both really enjoy spending some time chilling out in the garden here, but they are back with a call. They are scrumptious with lovely little personalities and will make fabulous companions.

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