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Missy is approximately 5 years old and has come to us because her owner was moving to a flat in Birmingham and Missy is very much a country girl.

Missy is very pretty and a very affectionate lap cat…when she wants to be! Typical “naughty-torti” this is very much on her terms – when Missy wants attention she will come and ask for it, loving fusses and snoozing happily on your lap. If you try to make a big fuss of her when she doesn`t feel like it, she will not tolerate a human mauling her uninvited! Missy does love to have an explore outdoors and enjoys a little hunting, although she does not go too far from home. She is “putting up” with us at the moment, but would be far happier in a calm, quiet home where she can feel safe and loved, and able to get out to get up to “cat stuff”!

Enquire about homing Missy.