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Missy is approximately 5 years old and has come to us because her owner was moving to a flat in Birmingham and Missy is very much a country girl.

Missy was originally a stray and we think had some very bad experiences during this time which has left her with some trust issues. She is a chatty and companiable cat by nature and will often follow us in our work, overseeing and chatting away to us. She can be an affectionate lap cat but not for too long and it must be when she wants to be but she can panic. When Missy wants attention she will come and ask for it, enjoying some fusses and snoozing happily on your lap. If you try to make a big fuss of her when she doesn`t feel like it, she will let you know that she will absolutely will not tolerate a human mauling her uninvited!

Missy does love to have an explore outdoors and enjoys a little hunting, although she does not go too far from home. She is “putting up” with us at the moment, but would be far happier in a calm, quiet home where she can feel safe and loved, and able to get out to get up to “cat stuff”! She will need to be the only pet and is not suitable for a home with children.

Enquire about homing Missy.