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Mitzi is a lovely, 3 year old girl, a beautiful orange brindle tortioseshell with a round owl-like face – almost like a British Shorthair. She is very striking, but difficult to photograph as she prefers to be interacting with you rather than sitting pretty!

Mitzi loves company, loves a lap…loves to be up on your shoulder! She will purr and knead away very happily, will chat to you if she thinks you may have forgotten her, will play “mousey” with a piece of string. Much as she loves company, Mitzi also likes free access to a good, outdoor space, where she can indulge in a little exploring…she does like you to be home when she comes back so that you can tell her how very clever she has been.

Mitzi came to us from a multi-cat home with children, which didn`t really suit her. Mitzi would love to be the only pet in a home where she can b e the star of the show. We think that she would prefer teenagers or adult only rather than a home with children – the hustle and bustle gets a bit overwhelming for her.

Mitzi is a gorgeous girl who is wasted in cattery and is beginning to miss her home comforts. She would love to meet you if you feel that you could be the right home for her.

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