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Octavia was brought into us as a stray cat. She had been around for a little while, but no one laid claim to her despite ongoing attempts to find her owners and so she was brought to us.

Octavia has definitely been used to being in a home environment and has known love and affection at some point in her life. She has a wonderful purr, loves a good fuss and even puts up with being groomed – just not her tummy!! She appreciates a comfy bed in a sunny spot, preferably up high so that she has a good vantage point….we suspect that she would love to sleep on a bed!

Octavia would love a quiet home with a little garden that she can have a potter round – and people who love her. She is not a fan of other cats and would be happiest in a home without young children – we are suggesting 10 years +.

Enquire about homing Octavia.