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Paddy is a sweet natured chap, still young at 10 years, and a much loved boy who has enjoyed living in the same home since a kitten with Tinks and Tout. They are all very sadly having to be re-homed due to an unexpected change in circumstances which means the owner is now having to move and the cats are unable to go too.

Paddy is a gentle and affectionate boy who loves the quiet life, chilling out on the sofa and having fusses. He hates sudden loud noises and shouting, quite a sensitive boy at heart. He loves the opportunity to go outside for a bit of an explore in neighbouring gardens, and even across the fields on occasion for a spot of hunting. Paddy has not been used to living with children, but has been lovely with visiting children so we think that he will be quite happy with older children. He is not a fan of dogs!

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