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Panda is a lovely boy of around 2 years. He was originally a stray, terrified and starving, but was privately rescued and re-habilitated into the sweet little lad we know today. Unfortunately his rescuer could not keep him long term, so he has come to us to find his “purr-fect” home!

Panda is a gentle, quiet and undemanding little chap. He enjoys a fuss and a chin tickle, but can get overwhelmed by too much attention all in one go – a little and often is his favourite. He does enjoy some little play sessions once he feels safe and relaxed – then he can allow himself to be a little bit silly and rediscover his inner kitten! He enjoys hanging out with you, but equally enjoys some quiet time alone. Panda would love a quiet home with a safe and interesting outside space where he can go and spend time exploring. He is happiest as the only pet in the home so that he knows he does not have to compete for anything – life has been hard enough already, he deserves to know that he is safe and loved without compromise. Panda can be shy with new people and is scared of children, so a quiet, adult only home would be his ideal. We all think that he is scrumptious, definitely well worth coming to meet.

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