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Pepsi was left outside our gate with her two kittens very early one morning – clearly life had gone pear-shaped for her owner and they were unable to continue to care for them. A few weeks further on and we are now ready to start looking for a new home.

Pepsi is guessed to be around 1 year old. A petite little thing, she doesn`t look much older than a kitten herself! She can very calm and gentle, loves her fusses, loves a bit of a play with a toy. She absolutely loves playing with other cats – her current best friend is Tui, they love to play chase games and tag together! She is a great influence on him because she is so very accepting of anything life throws at her which makes him feel relaxed and confident. If you happen to be looking for a pair of cats, these two are wonderful!

Pepsi would live to live with a cat playmate and could live with a calm, cat friendly dog. She would love to be in a home that truly adores her where she can feel loved and treasured….and be able to pop out for a good explore and a play!

Enquire about homing Pepsi.