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Petal is about 4.5 years old and has come to us with her brother Milo when her family had to move house and were unable to take the cats with them so, very reluctantly, had to make the difficult decision to re-home them. Much as she and Milo have always been together they do not seem to be emotionally dependent on one another, spend much of their day apart and have very different personalities – we do not think that they need to stay as a pair for re-homing.

Petal loves a fuss and a head tickle and will quietly follow you in the hope of an extra little fuss. She is undemanding and unassuming, a gentle natured girl who has a sensitive side and can easily get overwhelmed. A sudden noise, unknown visitors, a sudden rowdy game – all are a little bit much for Petal who prefers the quiet life. Petal enjoys the choice of going outside, but generally tends to be more of a home bird – give her a warm sofa and she knows where she would rather be! We feel that Petal would be happiest in a quiet home with a settled routine and either no children or older children who can understand and appreciate her gentle, sensitive nature.

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